Dissens provided training sessions for 19 participants. The central themes of the training were:

* Knowledge transfer about LGBTIQA+ and LGBTIQA+ and violence
* Raising awareness of discrimination (in general) and discrimination against LGBTIQA+
* Self-reflection of the participants: Are they privileged? Are they discriminated? / What effects does this have on their work?
* What norms do the participants reproduce in their work?
* Transfer of knowledge into practice

Participants worked for various services focusing on e.g. women affected by domestic violence or living with disability, shelters, violence prevention in schools, girls who survived sexual violence in their homes, homeless people, etc.

As a result of the capacity building program, participants reflected upon the following:
* especially life realities of trans*-persons were not very clear to several people before the program;
* several participants realized that they might discriminate others in counseling situations;

* for many, this was the first time when they had been considering that one's own position had an influence on their work.