Differenza Donna organized capacity building trainings in Rome in March-April 2019. The main objectives of the training sessions were to provide professionals
with theorical and practical tools for a gender and sexual diversity approach to violence against LGBTI people.  The 34 participants included psychologists working in social services, antiviolence operators working in several different anti-violence organizations in Rome and Perugia, social workers working in public hospitals and health services, as well as a lawyer and few LGBTI and women's rights activists.

As a result of the training,

* social workers working at two anti-violence shelters in Rome began to create a network/map of LGBTI services in Rome to better assess needs and to raise awareness among professionals about the existing services;

* women's shelters decided to form a visible group and be present at the Pride events in Rome;

* several social workers decided to disseminate the knowledge they gained to their colleagues

* Differenza Donna's shelter is improving its data collection about lesbian survivors of GBV;

* LGBTI activists and professionals working in antiviolence shelters decided to collaborate and work on a system of referrals; 

* LGBTI organizations and antiviolence operators agreed upon trainings organized by LGBTI organizations in September 2019;

* and a study group on intersectionality was created by antiviolence operators.