The project’s international closing conference “Rethinking Gender-based Violence in Relation to Diverse Sexualities” took place on 3rd December 2019 in the auditorium of the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison in Barcelona.

The final conference of the project Look Wide, organized by Háttér Society, took part on 13th December in Budapest.

The National Conference "Look wide. New tools for preventing gender-based violence against LGBTI people” took place on 13rd December in the International House of Women in Rome.
The national conference "Look wide. Reviewing sexuality- and gender-based violence against LGBTI+ people” took place on 12th December in the Innovathens conference room in Athens.

At the 2nd mutual learning seminar, partners in the Look Wide project learned about more complex definitions of gender-based / gender-related violence than commonly used ones (from

At the mutual learning seminar on 4th July, partners listened to and discussed presentations by international experts in the field of gender-based violence.

At the first project meeting in Barcelona, partners presented their work, and then discussed work packages, the conceptual and methodological framework of needs assessment in the p