The conference was attended by operators of anti-violence centres and other professionals.

The event was opened by Elisa Ercoli, President of the Differenza Donna Association.

Sabrina Frasca, Project Manager, introduced the project and the approach of the anti-violence centres, stressing the necessity of rethinking shelters from a more inclusive perspective. Chiara Spampinati, researcher of the Look Wide project presented the guide.

Lucia Caponera and Claudia Barbarano from the organization Differenza Lesbica spoke about intimate partner violence among lesbian couples, vulnerability and invisibility.

Giacomo Viggiani (University of Brescia/Lenford Networks) held a presentation bearing the title: From domestic violence to hate crimes. This presentation focused on statistical data and legal norms protecting LGBTI people who are victims of violence, bullying and hate crimes. 

Other presentres were: Lesbiche Bologna Association, and Angela Infante, Counsellor at the Tor Vergata Hospital in Rome and President of the GAY CENTER in Rome, addressing the issue of health in the LGBTI community.

At the end of the conference, a Protocol was signed by the President of the Association Differenza Donna, Elisa Ercoli and the President of the Association Differenza Lesbica, Lucia Caponera. The main points of the Protocol are: referral for lesbian women victims of gender-based violence, continuous and joint training, mutual participation in political/social/cultural actions. This is the first Memorandum of Understanding signed by  an Anti-violence Centre and an LGBTI Association.