At the mutual learning seminar on 4th July, partners listened to and discussed presentations by international experts in the field of gender-based violence.

Piotr Godzisz, member of the International Network for Hate Studies, talked about connecting service delivery with advocacy on anti-LGTB hate crimes - the experiences of Lambda Warsaw.

Leo Wild talked  about Stand Up - an anti-discrimination project for gay and bisexual men, trans* and inter* people in Berlin, Germany

Katalin Tihanyi talked about school violence against LGBTI students and the work of the Diversity Education Working Group for safe and inclusive schools in Hungary.

Sam Fernández-Garrido (Medical Anthropology Research Center, University Rovira i Virgili, Madrid/Tarragona, Spain) talked about sexual and reproductive health and the right to identity: a
gendered analyis of violence and discrimination by health services in Madrid.

Anita Lombardi and Carlotta D'Orazio (Arcilesbica Bologna) talked about GBV against LGBTI people with a focus on intimate partner violence and good practices in Italy regarding service provision

Amalia Manolopoulou (Thess Checkpoint, Athens, Greece) talked about empowerment as a prevention practice against GBV within the LGBT community

At the 2nd partners' meeting (5-6th July), partners presented research results, discussed the development of the guide for professionals, talked about reporting and financial issues, and discussed and outlined the capacity building programmes to be performed as part of the project.