At the 2nd mutual learning seminar, partners in the Look Wide project learned about more complex definitions of gender-based / gender-related violence than commonly used ones (from Pam Alldred, Brunel University, London), about microagression as a form of violence against trans and non-binary people (from Finn Lorenz, Berlin),  about supporting LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse at Galop, UK (from Jasna Magic), about the work of a parents, families and friends of LGBT+ people association in Italy, about working with refugees in Greece (from Irene Vlachou, Greece) and shelters in Barcelona (from Laia Costa), and about integrating working with LGBT+ clients into the work of a VAW counseling service (NANE) in Hungary (from Éva Horváth), as well as about practice and intersectionality (from Surya Nayak, University of Salford, UK). 

Partners also discussed how all these themes and thoughts help their work when forming and editing a guide for professionals.